Secure Digital Signage Player

- Deploy your Digital Signage Content Securely

Security is the matter for the digital signage

Protect your digital content in a public area for your brand. Protect your network from cybersecurity attacks through a digital signage player.

Built-in Digital Contents Storage


Physical protection of your digital content is the first thing to do. Don't let someone take yours in removable storage such as an SD card. 

Enterprise Security as Wi-Fi Client


Integration into your network must be secure, and a digital signage player must not be an entry point for a cybersecurity attack.

Ultimately Secure - Stay Local


Building a wireless local area network is an option for secure digital signage deployment in a small area. ST-700 can build a signage network.

Physical security

The physical security of digital signage must be one of your security concerns when you install a digital signage player. You probably install the digital signage player in a location out of sight and lock it in a break-proof enclosure. You even install the digital signage player behind a wall. However, such robust physical installation may not be a practical option in some cases due to budget limitation, cable wiring constraints, physical space limitation, and so on. In such a case, the player is physically accessible. Now, you need to think of restricting access to each interface, including an SD card slot.

  • Block physical interfaces (USB, serial, SD card)
  • Protect accessible ports from unauthorized access (limit access to the authorized device, password protection, etc.)

What will you do if your digital signage player does not have enough memory but has an SD card interface? Plugging in an SD card will be an option to add storage, but... when you can install the SD card, someone can take it unless you completely fill the slot somehow.

ST-700 has built-in 32GB internal storage, which is even soldered on the PCB. You will not lose your contents in the unit storage as you may with an SD card.


Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial topics during your entire digital signage journey, from your planning to the end. Unless you decide to playback the same content forever or update your contents manually without network access, you need to connect your digital signage to your network.

  • Integration into your network
  • Building a local area network dedicated to your digital signage

When you integrate your digital signage player into your network, cybersecurity is critical to prevent intrusion on your network through the player.

Integration through your Wi-Fi network

You may have already enabled 802.1X based device authentication to join your Wi-Fi network. The ST-700 supports WPA2-Enterprise for Wi-Fi connection. You can integrate it without compromising your Wi-Fi security.


Building a dedicated Wi-Fi network for your digital signage

You may not have 802.1x ready Wi-Fi infrastructure, but security is critical for your digital signage deployment. If you are considering the digital signage deployment in a facility where Wi-Fi radio from an access point can cover your area, isolating the digital signage network from your facility network ensures no intrusion from the digital signage network to your network. The ST-700 can build a wireless local area network by itself.

One ST-700 can be configured as an access point, and the other ST-700s can connect to the access point. You can connect with the access point when you load the contents or configures the ST-700s in your facility. In this way, even if someone intrudes on the digital signage network, you will not give any access to your facility network.



4K digital signage player with a built-in Wi-Fi and 20GB storage for your signage contents. You can create, schedule, and load your content for ST-700 with free SX Sign Control Software.