Digital Signage Player for Tiled Display

- Simple CMS and Easy Installation

Attract Customers with Large Tiled Display

Silex's solution makes it easy to implement the tiled display to impress people.


Clean wiring to connects ST-700s

The ST-700 has two Ethernet ports. You can cascade multiple ST-700s to connect them to the same network. It can eliminate the need for another Ethernet switch to connect each media player to the network. Even if you do not have any network on your site to connect a media player through wired LAN, you can configure one ST-700 as a Wi-Fi access point and connect others with Ethernet or even wirelessly.




SX Sign Control Software makes contents deployment easy

  1.  Map each ST-700 to the display layout. Remember which ST-700 is attached to which display!


  2. Divide your content to fit with the multiple displays. The multi-display mode supports single-layer contents. It's just drag-and-drop and a few clicks!


  3. Schedule your programs. Just drag and drop your programs to the calendar.


  4. Deploy your program to your ST-700s. You can map each ST-700 on your floor map. So, you can quickly know the ST-700 that you would like to deploy the program.


4K digital signage player with built-in Wi-Fi, 20GB storage for your signage contents and two Ethernet ports. Daisy chained ST-700 through Ethernet makes tiled display installation simpler.