Be Secure and Interactive 

Silex's wireless presentation system features Wi-Fi enterprise-class security and robustness, which are built upon our 20+ years of expertise in commercial industries.


Build Secure Wireless LAN

Protect privacy and confidential information from a cybersecurity attack. Secure your LAN with silex's Wi-Fi product incorporating our 20+ years of expertise in commercial industries.


Share your Screen Wirelessly

Use a projector or a touch screen board to share the PC's screen wirelessly. Organize your meeting and make screen sharing more effortless than ever with silex's meeting/class facilitation software.


Interact over Wireless LAN

Interact with connected people through wireless LAN. Silex's application includes an interactive tool to annotate class/meeting notes on the screen. Share your thoughts, and Discuss!


Wireless Presentation System


No Accessory, No Application Installation, Easy to Use
AirPlay for iOS/macOS, Google Cast for Android/ChromeOS, Runtime Application for Windows
Pairing mode, Distribution mode, and Screen sharing mode for Windows
Enterprise security for Wi-Fi connection (Access Point or Station)
Commercial-grade Wi-Fi access point

Interactive Network Display Adapter

SX-ND-4350WAN Plus

Wireless screen mirroring/extension from Windows computer
Other Windows/Chromebook machines screen monitoring and projection
Classroom Management Software for free
Wireless Interactiveness with a touch screens
Reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection as an access point or a station
Commercial-grade Wi-Fi access point with multiple SSIDs and VLANs



NetDA for Education

SX Virtual Link Display for Education software is available for SX-ND-4350WAN Plus. A teacher can interact with students through a windows tablet or PC without cloud-based software.


Z-1 for Education

A teacher can now share the screen wirelessly from Windows computers, iOS/macOS devices, or Android/ChromeOS devices. It just works wirelessly without any tool and application.


Z-1 for Enterprise

Let your guests share their screens without touching anything through a guest network. Pair two Z-1s in different rooms and share two Windows PC screens to maintain social distancing.


Z-1 for Large Meeting

Project your Windows computer's screen onto multiple displays in a large space. Installation of displays in a large room will be easier than ever by eliminating A/V and network cabling.

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