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Wi-Fi HaLow Solutions

Build Wi-Fi HaLow infrastructure and connect to cellular network. 

Save operation costs by replacing cellular devices with HaLow devices.


SX-SDMAH (US)   coming soon

High-performance 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow SDIO/SPI host mode 

SX-SDMAH (US) is an 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow SDIO/SPI module enabled by Morse Micro’s MM6108. It features a host
SDIO or SPI interface to operate with a processor or a microcontroller. It supports up to 8MHz channel bandwidth to achieve high-performance Wi-Fi HaLow link. The high data bandwidth solution enables high data throughput applications as well as large-scale IoT network more efficiently in terms of the latency and the power consumption. 

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11ah AP-100AH BR-100AH

AP-100AH & BR-100AH

Wi-Fi HaLow Access Point and Wireless Bridge for the Quickest Deployment 

AP-100AH and BR-100AH enables fast Wi-Fi HaLow infrastructure integration into your existing network. You can seamlessly integrate AP-100AH into your Ethernet switch to build a Wi-Fi HaLow wireless LAN. The BR-100AH converts your Ethernet devices to Wi-Fi HaLow clients so they can join the Wi-Fi HaLow wireless LAN. These products help you easily create an 802.11ah infrastructure network and add Ethernet devices to that network for long-range connectivity anywhere in your facility. 

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Silex is part of the 802.11ah HaLow Ecosystem. We collaborate with industrial partners to make solutions accessible for anyone.


Newracom is our Wi-Fi HaLow partner providing SoC solution. As an optimized Wi-Fi solution for the internet of things (IoT) devices, NRC7292 is the industry’s first system on a chip (SoC) that is compliant with the IEEE 802.11ah standard.




Gateworks designs and manufacturers rugged and industrial single-board computers for rugged and industrial embedded applications. The GW16146 is an 802.11ah HaLow Mini-PCIe card designed to provide long range wireless to IoT applications




Morse Micro provides a complete Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity solution. The MM6108 SoC is a single-chip that enables long-range Wi-Fi connectivity, supporting data rates up to 32.5 Mbps. It allows us to offer a comprehensive product lineup to give customers more integration options.



Case Study - Nexcomm Systems

Developing Reliable IIoT Connectivity Solutions with Wi-Fi HaLow

Nexcomm Systems designs cellular gateways and sensor hubs for Internet of Things (IoT) devices for industrial and outdoor applications as well as heavy vehicles and work trucks. Nexcomm Systems added Silex Technology’s SX-NEWAH 802.11ah module to tackle the following challenges:

  • Providing longer signal range
  • Overcoming issues with signal penetration
  • Satisfying the need for higher data throughput
  • Supporting increased security
  • Handling spectrum restrictions present in some industrial facilities
  • Offering easy setup and installation

Read Case Study

Silex Nexcomm case study graphic-sk

Looking for 802.11ah Indoor Coverage?

802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow utilizing sub-GHz radio has better wall penetration and refraction around obstacles that legacy 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi to provide you with better radio coverage. We have experimented aimed at comparing 802.11ah Wi-Fi indoor coverage with 802.11n 2.4GHz radio in our office building. 

This white paper demonstrates a significant difference between the 802.11ah Wi-Fi coverage and the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi coverage in an office building. Wi-Fi HaLow is a game-changer for IoT wireless network deployment in building management systems, alarming systems, HVAC systems, sensor networks,  and other applications.


Download White Paper 



The SX-NEWAH(US) obtained the modular certificate for US and Canada. The antenna gain must be 3.4dB or less to apply the certification for your product.

Silex is aiming to make the Wi-Fi HaLow module available in EU and Japan. We will communicate the availability in these regions as the regulatory settlement progresses.

Silex provides the certification service for usage with different antennas or different regions.

We've seen mega-bit-per-second data throughput over a mile at 23dBm transmission power in a relatively clean environment.

The distance will depend on the height of the device placement, radio interference from other devices operating in sub-GHz band (LoRaWAN, RFID, etc.), transmission power, and other factors. Silex will work with customers to assess the viability of Wi-Fi HaLow for specific use cases.

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How far can 802.11ah can go before the connection is 'Dead'?

We observe over 8Mbps TCP data throughput with our evaluation Linux driver running on the Raspberry Pi when operating in 4MHz channel bandwidth. With 2MHz channel bandwidth, it will be around 4Mbps. With 1MHz channel bandwidth, it will be 2Mbps TCP throughput.

The throughput will also depend on the CPU's performance in your embedded system. With the i.MX6 ULL operating at a little over 500MHz, the TCP throughput is bounded at around 5Mbps when operating in 4MHz channel bandwidth. With 1MHz/2MHz channel bandwidth, we don't observe much difference between i.MX6 ULL and Raspberry Pi platform.

Outside of the United States, some regions define the duty cycle for radio transmission. The data throughput will be the function of the duty cycle when it applies.

The outdoor performance check with silex EVK is available in the blog.

How far can 802.11ah can go before the connection is 'Dead'?

A Wi-Fi HaLow access point is required to associate Wi-Fi HaLow stations. Since Wi-Fi HaLow operates in sub-GHz frequency band, Wi-Fi HaLow stations cannot be connected to legacy Wi-Fi access point or router operating in 2.4G/5GHz band.

Silex offers the AP-100AH that can be easily plugged into an Ethernet switch or router so that the Wi-Fi HaLow wireless LAN can be integrated into your network.

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AP-100AH Product Page

1,000 stations


The product will include a Linux based driver supporting kernel version v4.14 or FreeRTOS based driver. If any of these do not meet your needs, Silex also specializes in porting drivers to various operating systems and OS versions. Please reach out to us for information on how we can help meet your needs based on your specific OS requirement.

SX-NEWAH Evaluation Kit for Raspberry Pi Platform

SX-NEWAH FreeRTOS Evaluation Kit for STM32F429 Nucleo-144

SX-NEWAH-EVK comes with a SD card with pre-loaded Linux evaluation image.

If you have only SX-NEWAH evaluation board and need the evaluation Linux image for Raspberry Pi, please request it from this page selecting "SX-NEWAH Evaluation Linux Driver Image".

If you need the FreeRTOS evaluation driver image, please request it from this page selecting "SX-NEWAH Evaluation FreeeRTOS Driver Image". 

Silex support team is going to send the download instruction no later than 7 days after the request. Please allow us to take a couple of days to review the request.

Yes, it is available from Gateworks.

We will support the power saving mode with our upcoming driver/firmware update for SX-NEWAH and AP-100AH.

Yes, it can be by using USB to SPI converter IC. Silex has developed a Linux driver for FTDI FT232H USB-SPI converter IC.

Please refer to the application note: How to Set Up the FTDI USB to SPI Bridge for the SX-NEWAH

Vendor Model No. Antenna Type Antenna Gain [dBi]
STAF T16-062-1022 PCB 3.0
ethertronics X9000984-4GDSMB ROD 3.4
PSA (Walsin) RFDPA131000SMRB801 ROD 3.01
Invax AN0915-13D01BSM ROD 2.00
SaemON Technology SME–G0900DEN ROD 1.26


The BR-100AH can be connected to the Wi-Fi HaLow access point such as the AP-100AH. The BR-100AH cannot connect to another BR-100AH directly.

In general, the AP-100AH cannot be converted to the BR-100AH and vise-versa.

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