Develop your SX-ULPGN Application (Hosted/Hostless)

We have different options available depending on if you are application is for a hosted or a hostless design. Please select if you want to develop for a hosted or hostless application.

Hosted Application: Requires an external MCU

Hostless Application: Utlizes the on board MCU on the radio module.

Please enter the below information. Once submitted, you will recieve an email with the instructions on how to setup the SX-ULPGN-EVK with your MCU for your application.

SX-ULPGN Software Development Kit

The software kit includes tools for windows to access the JTAG port on the SX-ULPGN as well as a GUI to generate the "tunable_input.txt" file which defines all of the GPIO pins at startup. It also contains a VM that will enable customers to develop for the SX-ULPGN quickly by already having the required software pre-installed removing installation issues, questions and time. 

The SX-ULPGN-SWK includes: 

  • SX-ULPGN-VM (Virtual Machine)

   -Ubuntu 12.4 32 bit Operating System
   -Oracle VirtualBox guest additions
   -Cadence Xtensa Tensilica toolset
   -Qualcomm 4010 SDK

  • Cadence Xtensa XT-OCD software
  • Tunables.exe GUI to enable customer to generate the tunable_input.txt file easily
  • SX-ULPGN-EVKGettingStartedGuide.pdf


To get access to the Silex SDK, you will need to accept and submit the Silex software agreement. To begin the process and request the SDK, please accept the "click-through" agreement using the link below.

 Download SX-ULPGN Software Development Kit