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Go wireless and broad with mesh technology

Dream of a seamlessly connected world is now a reality with wireless mesh network, an emerging technology.  In the past, building beyond a single-point connection required expensive hardware and software solutions to make a device to device communication. They relied on a small number of wired access points or wireless hotspots to connect.  Silex Technology has introduced BR-400AN which is based on wireless mesh (802.11s) technology. Network can now expand and spread out easily among number of wireless mesh nodes that communicate with each other across a large area. 


creatingCreating a Mesh Network

To create a mesh network, a single unit of BR-400AN which acts as a node, needs to be wired to a network connection. This connected node can then share its internet connection wirelessly with the rest of the nodes that comes within its range. we can keep adding the nodes, to expand the network area. 

They are programmed to interact with the other nodes and other devices on the network. Each node on a wireless mesh network also contains a small radio transmitter that can communicate with devices and other nodes on the network.

Two modes of operation are available in BR-400AN depending on the application environment, 

  1. Mesh Point Mode is when a bridge is connected to another bridge. Up to 8 units can be connected. 
  2. Mesh Access Point Mode is when a device is connected to a bridge to access. Up to 16 units can be connected


  • No Single Point of Failure - If an individual device goes offline, the network can reconfigure itself to the closest connection. This means no data loss, no dead zones, no problems and reliable.
  • Self-Extending - Easily extend the range by adding another node and the messages can hop through the mesh back to the gateway.
  • Multi-hop Support - Data is transmitted farthest by overlapping hops, connecting data with multiple stages
    and multiple routes.
  • Low-cost, low-power - Eliminate the cost and complexity of installing wires between facilities. As more or less coverage is needed, wireless mesh nodes can be added or removed easily.
  • Data handling - A mesh topology can handle high amount of network traffic since every additional device into the network is considered a node. Interconnected devices can simultaneously transfer data smoothly and will not complicate the network connection.


Medical monitoring - Makes patient monitoring easier and more reliable, and it helps expand the range.

Industrial monitoring and control - Can transfer massive amount of details about any process or manufacturing procedure. Machine conditions can be checked to provide maintenance information. 

Consumer electronics equipment interconnections - Makes it possible to connect large-screen digital TV sets, DVD players, digital video recorders, sound systems, and set-top boxes at multiple locations with a specialized mesh network.



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