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Silex Update for WPA2 Security (KRACKS) Vulnerability

Krack-Attacks.jpgSince the news broke out last week, we at Silex have been working to assess the scope of its impact and a plan on how to provide our customers a solution to this WPA2 security issue. This update is to inform our customers the results of our investigation and a preliminary plan on next steps.

Our investigation has shown that:

  1. Silex products being used in station/client mode with WPA/WPA2 are affected.
  2. Silex products being used in "Access Point", may or may not be affected.  AP products are vulnerable if any of the below two functions are being used.
  • WDS (Wireless Distribution System):                                                                                                                                                                      The AP is vulnerable if it WDS function is being used. It is a function to extend AP range by connecting and communicating among multiple access points. 
  • 802.11r (Roaming):                                                                                                                                                                             Products using IEEE 802.11r roaming protocol in AP mode. For example, the SX-AP-4800AN uses 802.11r. 

Note: If the above two functions are not being used, our investigation shows that the products being used in AP mode will not be affected.


What if a user is using a WPA/WPA2 station with a Silex AP?

If you are using your product in station/client mode with a SIlex AP (without the two functions described above), you are still required to update your client software for the KRACK vulnerability. Software patches are available for Windows, MAC, IOS and Android from the OS vendors. Please contact them to get the latest fix for your clients. 


When will updates be available for Silex branded products?

Please bear with us as we continue to investigate solution for our products. Our goal is to provide the easiest path for our customers to update their products to protect themselves against this security threat. We should have a schedule available for all our products in a few days. Please stay tuned for our next update.

Please contact us at if you have any additional questions at this time.