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Virtualize USB Device Connectivity

Silex enables virtual environment for USB connectivity


You will want to use USB Device Servers when you want flexible USB device placement in a virtual environment, . Silex’s USB Virtual Link Technology® allows any windows clients to connect to any USB devices. It will enable limitless flexibility when you want to place your USB devices on the network within a facility. The USB device servers can be connected to existing Ethernet hubs to attach USB devices to the network. Even if an Ethernet hub is not available at an appropriate location in the facility, Silex offers USB device server with Wi-Fi connectivity to connect with a wireless access point in the facility. Silex’s enterprise models of USB device servers support 802.1X device authentication. The IP address filtering can also restrict the accessibility to the USB device servers if it is preferred to limit the access to the USB device servers.



Silex has partnered with leading-edge HSM (Hardware Security Module) manufacturer and USB removal disk manufacturer to make USB connectivity easier than ever in your virtual environment.

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