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Volunteering a Rare Resource with Orangewood Foundation


As a community leader, Silex's commitment to local youth starts in its very own backyard. Accepting the challenge and responsibility of being a leader means showing up and contributing an often-rare resource: TIME.

On June 27, 2019, the Silex team worked with the Orangewood Foundation to do just that. The foundation is a leading provider of services to current and former foster youth in Orange County, CA. The organization helps almost 2,000 foster and community youth in preparing for independent adulthood each year. The foundation has been actively helping youth for 35 years.

The organization's philosophy, "The Orangewood Way," recognizes that its relationship with local youth is one of collaboration and partnership. The organization works with young adults in four critical areas: health & wellness, housing, life skills & employment, and education. The group addresses a broad array of needs from groceries, to transitional housing, to life skills workshops and employment leads, to its innovative Samueli Academy Charter High School and scholarships for college and graduate school.

Surprisingly, one volunteer need in high demand is a simple, everyday task: cooking and sharing a hot meal. The organization encourages volunteers to prep and serve a meal for the youth in the onsite Orangewood kitchen, but urges groups to offer a little more by giving their time and attention to their guests.

During Silex's time with Orangewood, six volunteers prepared and shared time with the youth. The foundation's emphasis on collaboration and partnership provides these young adults with a chance to feel heard and cared for, an opportunity they may not have without the support of volunteers.

On a local level, Silex is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of the communities in which we live and work. The opportunity to bond with and listen to young adults proved that sometimes, kindness and a simple conversation could do precisely that.

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Running low on time? Donate other ways or contribute as a group.
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