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Will You be Complying to the Latest RED Standards in 2018?

The new directive regulating radio equipment usage in EU was in effect starting June 13th, 2017. It was a painful process for us and our customers to get our products in compliance as RED continued to update/change its direction and implementation of the new standard up until the last week of the deadline.


To recap, the table below summarizes the RED requirements.


Version Today


Official Journal



RF2.4 GHz




RF 5 GHz











Getting products in compliance to EN301-893 for 5GHz (highlighted) was not trivial. And because of how RED continued to change its stance and position till the last week before the deadline, there may be products in the field that comply today, but maybe out of compliance by June 2018.


Why you may be out of compliance in 2018?

  • EN301-393 v2.0.7 (which was the original version in Feb 2017) changed to v1.8.5 in May 2017 updated as follows:

EN 301-893



Receiver blocking


Adaptivity (Existing Standard)

 This update allowed customers could still use the v1.8.1 reports for adaptivity portion of the tests but had to test v2.1.x for receiver blocking. Adaptivity per version 2.1.x was meant for future technology. Testing methods and equipment were late to be defined (a week before the deadline) so its compliance was moved back to June 13, 2018.  


  • What this means that everyone will have to re-test their devices and radio modules with this new standard by June next year.

Due to the timing of these updates from RED, the governing body has allowed manufacturers to ship and continue use products in EU who had tested to the v1.8.5. But starting June 13th, 2018, all products will need to follow the latest standard v2.1.1.

Note: Also on June 13, the finished product manufacturer will need to register on the EU website which is similar to the FCC. 


How can Silex help?

At Silex we pride ourselves in providing world class certification support to our customers. We updated our certification reports to make sure our customers can continue to ship products into Europe post June 12th 2017.

Also, we are now working to update our certification to the latest EN301-393 v2.1.1 standard which will be in effect next June in 2018. SIlex can update the radio firmware for our modules, which sometimes is required to change the radio behavior per the government regulations. If you have questions or need information on the status of your product certification status please contact Silex at Please register yourself by clicking the link below to get regular updates on the certification status.  We look forward to helping you through the maze of these upcoming regulatory changes.