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Convert Ethernet Devices to Wireless Network Device

Have trouble connecting your Ethernet devices to network?  SX-BR-4600WAN2  from Silex is a bridge that can easily convert your 10/100/1000 BASE-T wired LAN device to wireless LAN compatible device.  It is now possible to build an  effective environment where there is restrictions for cable wiring. SX-BR-4600WAN2 offers the flexibility to easily connect various devices like PC peripherals and surveillance cameras to the wireless LAN environment, including printers compatible with wired LAN. It thus is cost effective by eliminating the use of LAN cables and gives flexibility to locate Ethernet devices in places where running cables is a challenge.


wifi_printing-1.jpg Our network adapter is designed to communicate in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.  It can prevent radio interference by using the 5 GHz and 2.4GHz is used in general. It works on two operation modes.  It requires no  special drivers or software for setup.  SX-BR-4600WAN2 supports security that includes WPA, WPA2, plus 802.1x authentication. 

1. Single Client mode: 

  • Connects one device that  is connected to the wired LAN port of SX-BR-4600WAN2 using a LAN cable, to wireless LAN
  • MAC address transparency feature - MAC address of the connected device is used for wireless communication 
  • Bridge functionality is stopped when the connected device is replaced by another device, which is a security feature

2. Multi Client mode:

  • Connects up to 16 wired LAN devices through a HUB to the wireless LAN
  • Supports MAC address transparency feature for wireless communication 

SX-BR-4600WAN2 comes with AMC support from Silex.  AMC Manager is an integrated device management software intended for the networking products. With  this you can easily configure, manage, and monitor Silex products connected to a wired or wireless network remotely.  This software helps to monitors status and provides the ability to perform configuration changes, firmware updates, and device rebooting of any number of Silex networking products remotely.

 Network devices are expected to be easy to deploy, and flexible to move to any location in an enterprise infrastructure in today's world.  It is essential for devices to be compatible with the latest wireless security and connectivity standards . Learn more about Enterprise requirements for wireless bridge  or contact our networking experts at


 Enterprise Requirements for Ethernet to Wireless Bridges