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Z-1 For Academic Environment


Z-1 for Academic Environment

Z-1 for Academic Environment

Z-1 is a wireless presentation system created by Silex Technology. This device allows presenters to share their device screen wirelessly in as easy as two simple clicks. Z-1 is simple to set up, requiring no software installation, eliminating time wasted with IT support, and managing cables. Individuals can implement Z-1 into their environments without worrying about what systems are present. This is due to Z-1 being device agnostic. Z-1 can be utilized with various operating systems (Windows, Mac, Chromebook) without implementing extra adapters, drivers, and software.

Z-1’s applications are quite extensive due to its easy usability and large list of benefits as described above. This technical blog will explore Z-1’s application for academic environments by analyzing its various modes and features.

Z-1 has various modes of operation meant to fit different presenter needs. Z-1’s modes are explained below.

  • Single Presenter Mode: allows a individual to project their device to 1 screen. For example, a teacher can project their slideshow to present in front of the class.
  • Multi-Presenter Mode: allows up to 4 individuals to project their screens. For example, students can project their work to a display outlining how they solved a math problem. This encourages students to work together and learn from one another.
  • Distribution Mode: allows an individual to project information to multiple screens. For example, in large lecture halls, a professor can project his slideshow to multiple larger screens, ensuring that all students have an excellent visual of the information being discussed.
  • Pair Display Mode: allows two presenters to share a screen equally across different rooms. For example,  this is great if teachers are in separate classrooms and want to co-share a screen. 

 Z-1 Feature: Meeting Facilitation with AMC Meeting Plus

AMC Meeting Plus is a web application designed to help create and organize meetings. In academic situations, AMC Meeting Plus can develop a work environment where students can queue into a meeting, and teachers can have full access to their students' screens. For example, a teacher can project a student's screen running the AMC Meeting on its Windows PC to the class and demonstrate how that particular student solved a problem correctly. This provides a dynamic environment where students are more actively engaged in the content and are more willing to participate. Teachers are no longer confined to desks and can freely roam the classroom, helping students in need.

Having a secure network for a teacher, their staff, and the many students they have is imperative. Students frequently download files from digital libraries and subject themselves to environments prone to malware and unwanted guests. Z-1 can act as an access point or station and supports enterprise security. This ensures the proper protection of all users' information. As a Wi-Fi access point, Z-1 offers MAC Address filtering giving teachers the ability to choose which clients are allowed access.

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