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Make life easier by bridging the gap between the wired and wireless world.

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Featured Product

Industry First 802.11ah Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge providing long-range radio coverage.

BR-100AH is a wireless bridge supporting IEEE’s 802.11ah wireless standard which is a long-range technology. It enables any Ethernet device to become an 802.11ah dual band wireless network device.

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Ethernet Wireless Bridges

Transform any Ethernet device into a wireless device for greater flexibility and mobility, with support for industry leading security including 802.1X authentication.


USB Device Servers

Enable printers, scanners, disk drives, cameras, card readers, and virtually any other USB device to be shared over the network so that multiple users can access the same USB device.
Resolve USB connectivity of virtual machines. Silex's virtual link technology simply adds USB connectivity to virtual environment.

Industrial IoT Wireless Bridge

Bring wireless network capability into CNC machines and commercial vehicles.  Industrial IoT wireless bridges open large opportunities of productivity improvement in a smart factory and proactive machine/commercial vehicle maintenance.


Linux Box 

Box product with Linux OS for embedded applications to achieve mass production for wireless products at low cost. 


Connect to USB Devices with SX-Virtual Link

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