4K Digital Signage Player


Deployment of digital signages anywhere with a built-in Wi-Fi access point
Built-in 32GB storage and the enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity
Synchronized digital signage screens, Tiled display
Store-and-play playback
HTML5 interactive web content
Split-screen digital signage
Contents creation, scheduling, and distribution by silex's free SX Sign Control Software

Store & Play Media Server

MV-500R (US model)

Content creation, scheduling with silex Media Transporter software
Contents distribution over IP network
Playback the contents in a microSD card
Static web contents import



ST-700 for Secure Signage

Integrate digital signages into your network securely and wirelessly. Even if you must isolate the digital signage from your network for security reasons, the integrated access point in ST-700 allows you to connect the signage locally and wirelessly. 


ST-700 for Tiled Display

Superior synchronous playback among ST-700s enables beautifully aligned content playback on your tiled display. ST-700's Ethernet ports allow easy integration of multiple ST-700s to your network for your tiled display.


ST-700 for Interactive Signage

ST-700 supports HTML5 contents from the internet, and it can interact with the touch panel through the USB port. Instead of creating playback content, you can make  interactive HTML5 contents for the digital signage with the ST-700. 


MV-500 for Live and Signage

MV-500R serves as a digital signage player when you use it as a stand-alone device. By pairing it with MV-500T, it now acts as a live streaming receiver over IP. MV-500R offers a superior experience for multicast streaming and digital signage.

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