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Announcing SX-ND-4350WAN - Enables Touch Screen Displays with Wireless capability

SX-ND-4350WAN-app-classLast week, Silex announced our new SX-ND-4350WAN product for the North American market. This is an exciting product designed to allow tablet computers to interact and collaborate with touch screen displays wirelessly.

This means teachers and presenters can easily walk around the classroom or presentation room with their Windows tablet, and show the audience what is on their screen to the entire classroom. The SX-ND-4350WAN connects to the network and a large screen TV, interactive board, or short throw projector, and allows Windows tablets and laptops to project their screen wirelessly. It also enables the touch operation on interactive displays.

SX-ND-4350WAN in use

The SX-ND-4350WAN also serves as a robust wireless access point for up to 56 clients including tablets and other wireless devices.

Key Feature Summary:

  • Robust and secure dual band  802.11n wireless access point enabling network and internet access for up to 56 clients
  • Wireless interactive image projection and touch operation between Windows tablets/computers and an interactive display
  • Bi-directional data transfer with USB devices including real time immediate response to USB touch and input
  • Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) video resolution

Pricing and Availability:

The SX-ND-4350WAN Network Display Adapter is available for shipping with an MSRP of $499. For more information, contact our AV networking experts at