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ath10k SDIO Wi-Fi patch for QCA9377-3 Available

Few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about developing an ath10k patch to support the SDIO Wi-Fi interface for QCA9377-3 WiFi SoC from Qualcomm Technologies. I am happy to report that we have completed this development and the patch has been submitted to be upstreamed into the mainline Linux kernel. This patch is now available for download. We tested this patch with our SX-SDCAC SDIO Wi-Fi + BT Module and an i.MX6SoloX Platform.

sdio patch for ath10k.jpg

For a long time, the ath10k open source driver did not support SDIO WiFi radios as only a PCIe interface was available. This lack of SDIO support meant that our customers who use our SX-SDxAC 802.11ac+BT radio modules couldn’t choose the path of staying on the latest open source driver even though they strongly prefer to be on the latest mainline Linux kernel. One of the main reasons they choose open source is to get the benefits of having the latest Kernel version. This ensures they get the latest security updates and enhancements in the Linux kernel.

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