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Install FBR-100AN into a Wi-Fi mesh network

The FBR-100AN is a powerful tool to monitor CNC machine data in MTConnect® format through Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. Even a CNC machine without a network interface can join your network by connecting to the FBR-100AN via a serial interface, a digital pin, or Patlite AirGrid®.

What if there is no network infrastructure to connect the FBR-100AN with, or a wireless radio band has already been congested? Silex provides a solution to add or enhance your network infrastructure. In general, adding a network infrastructure into existing facilities involves installing Ethernet cable and access point(s) and radio congestion survey in case of a wireless network. Major challenges in a factory to build a network infrastructure are;

  • LAN network does not cover the entire facility
  • Constraints where Ethernet cables can be installed (only possible under a floor or on a ceil, requirement of plumbing)
  • Frequent manufacturing line layout change requires machines movement, which makes fixed network installment difficult
  • Crowded wireless radio band

Network installation challenges

These efforts require lots of investment and time. It may not be easy to justify the investment to build network infrastructure.

wi-fi mesh network eliminating cables and APs

Silex addresses these challenges by providing a mesh network solution with BR-400AN. Installing the mesh network with BR-400AN requires neither cable installation nor an additional wireless access point. BR-400AN can;

  • build a wireless LAN by its mesh networking capability.
  • automatically route the wireless connectivity among devices.
  • provide an access point to a client device through MAP (Mesh Access Point) mode. 
  • provide wide-range wireless network coverage by a multi-hopping topology.

Eliminating a need for cable installation, the network installation in the factory becomes much more affordable. It also provides more flexibility to a re-layout of the manufacturing line later on.
Silex's mesh network solution provides features to build a secure and redundant network to protect your factory from cybersecurity attacks and undesirable downtime.
In terms of security, the BR-400AN supports IEEE 802.1X authentication, MAC address filtering, and AES encryption within the mesh network.
The BR-400AN can build a redundant network by connecting multiple BR-400AN to your backbone network. The loop detection feature of the BR-400AN prevents the system from creating a network loop to cause network disruption. The BR-400ANs communicate with each other to determine a master unit and a slave unit when they are connected to the backbone network. When a network on the master unit has an issue, the slave unit automatically detects the problem and turns itself into the master unit to reroute the network path.


Lastly, silex provides a powerful administrative software called AMC Manager® and Mesh Monitor® (a plug-in to AMC Manager®). The software visualizes the mesh network topology in place and allows all units in the network to be managed remotely.

mesh monitor window

Combining the FBR-100AN and the BR-400AN is a suitable solution to build a secure and reliable smart factory network to resolve a lack of network infrastructure and machine operations visibility.

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