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3 Reasons to Consider Implementing a Secure Wi-Fi Mesh Network

With more and more industries focused on improving their Wi-Fi network connectivity, new technologies such as mesh networks, are becoming increasingly widespread. However, the ability to ensure a secure connection is now more crucial than ever as threats posed by cyber-crime, and socially engineered malware remain prevalent.

Data integrity and privacy are especially critical in medical and healthcare industries, where the cost of a data breach can result in a devastating financial loss. According to a report conducted by IBM and The Ponemon Institute, healthcare breaches can cost organizations up to $6.45 million per breach. This number overshadows all other sectors and marks the ninth year in a row that healthcare organizations have had the highest costs associated with data breaches. 

Most engineers would agree that throughput and security are the two most essential considerations when choosing the right mesh Wi-Fi module. However, this can lead to one final challenge: finding a safe and effective option at the right price point. As most technical engineers know, a quality enterprise security solution often comes at a premium.

As a 40 year-player in the industry, Silex has addressed these issues with the development of its MNS-300EM embedded module. 

The MNS-300EM is best suited for low-power portable devices looking to connect to 802.11s capable mesh network. 

Here are the 3 reasons why you need to evaluate MNS-300EM before starting your next cybersecurity project:

  1. Mesh Networks are "Self-Healing" 
    Mesh networks automatically find the fastest and most reliable paths to send data, even if nodes get blocked or lose their signal. In addition to creating a robust and stable Wi-Fi signal, it is easier to set up and manage a mesh network when compared to traditional Wi-Fi. This results in less time spent troubleshooting and less downtime altogether.
  2. Smart Toggle
    MNS-300EM can automatically toggle between two modes depending on its wireless environment. As a mesh point, MNS-300EM can provide mesh backhaul /network connectivity, improving speed. Mesh points are aware of potential neighbors and can form new mesh links if the current mesh link is no longer available. MNS-300EM in STA mode, can connect to a traditional access point as a wireless client and join the wireless network.
  3. Affordable Enterprise Security
    The MNS-300EM features NXP's power-efficient and cost-optimized applications processor, the i.MX 6ULL, featuring a single ARM Cortex-A7 core, with an 802.11ac radio, a complete TCP/IP network protocol stack, and an optimized QCA9377 wireless radio driver and security supplicant in a self-contained hardware package. Most importantly, it supports enterprise security, including WPA2 with 802.1x authentication, which ensures data integrity and privacy for highly sensitive applications.
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    Are you interested in more technical info? Check out our product brochure and learn more about MNS-300EM.