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Introducing the X-5HM Digital Signage Player

Earlier this week, Silex launched the X-5HM, a Digital Signage player with robust wireless capability and multiple content zones.

X-5HMTraditional Digital Signage players are often in the form of an embedded PC with a bloated operating system. They include high power requirements, have moving parts, and require complex cabling to transfer the contents. Then you have to purchase digital signage management software for splitting contents into sections on screen, scheduling the playback contents, encoding the software, and transferring it to the media player(s). They can include costly startup and maintenance fees, and the solution comes from multiple vendors.

The X-5HM is a reliable Digital Signage player with proven, stable technology. It has a solid state, small form factor design with low power requirements (about 10W). Included is easy to use content creation, encoding. scheduling and and transfer software. The wireless capability means you can send the contents wirelessly with smooth playback. There are no additional startup costs or license fees for the hardware and software, and Silex includes the warranty support for the entire system.

Media Transporter Software

The X-5HM is available for shipping with an MSRP of $499. For more information, contact our AV networking experts at