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Making group talks easy for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals

People who are deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals sound a little different than people who aren't deaf. It's not easy to explain the difference, as it depends on the individual person. Hearing aids can provide them assistance they may need to being able to hear the world, but are not always reliable during group conversations. Basically a hearing aid amplifies every sound around us. But the problem arises when multiple people are speaking at the same time and there’s background noise.

5aea2df62ea710114a1591bf_IPhone_Call_v2-p-500SpeakSee, a start up out of Rotterdam,  wanted to address this issue by developing a revolutionary device that would make group conversations accessible for deaf.  Through speech recognition, this device converts speech to text in real-time , enabling users to follow and engage even when multiple people are taking at the same time. For this, SpeakSee needed an embedded Wi-Fi solution that provides high-speed, reliable connectivity in a small form factor.  As this device consists of a set of portable microphones ,the solution needed to be ultra-low power and cost effective enough to embed in each of the microphones. 

ulpgnSpeaksee was able to accomplish this by using Silex Technology's SX-ULPGN embedded wireless module.  This module is based on QCA4010 radio from Qualcomm, fulfills all the exceptions like power, size, and cost requirements that they have set to develop their device. SX-ULPGN has an internal CPU, and so it can act on both host and hostess mode. Read the full case study to learn more. 


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