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Silex Sponsors an Educational Event at Crescent Elementary

One of our initiatives here at Silex Technology America for Fiscal Year 2016 is to be more involved in our community and find ways to give back. After a successful 2015, we started off this year by sponsoring preeminent Abraham Lincoln actor and scholar, Dr.  Gene Griessman, in a special appearance at Crescent Elementary in Anaheim CA as part of Silex’s initiative to connect and engage with its local community.

Griessman, internationally known Abraham Lincoln scholar and actor, appeared as the 16th PAbe Lincolnresident delivering the presentation, “The Wit & Wisdom Of Abe Lincoln.” The presentation focused on themes essential to success both in the classroom and the workplace like:

  • Persistence
  • Overcoming failure
  • Power of communication

In his portrayal of president Lincoln, Griessman shared valuable lessons to help students deal with challenges they face in their everyday lives as well as keys to achieving leadership and personal achievement. This performance took the students back to the famous Gettysburg address, a time they have only learned about through textbooks.

"Dr. Griessman's performance as our 16th President captivated our students and really brought history to life," said Crescent school principal Shele Tamaki. "We appreciate Silex Technology bringing this outstanding educational program to our school."

Silex plans to continue participating/volunteering in programs and give back to the community throughout this year and beyond. To get information on other projects and events Silex already has or plans to be involved in please take a look at our website’s Corporate Social Responsibility section.CSR