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The 2 Products to Know About If CAN Bus is Your Business

If your car were a human body, the CAN bus protocol would act as a high-speed nervous system that coordinates all communication between each fundamental vehicle part. Will you be able to guarantee that your automobile has the right pieces in place to ensure the healthy composition of its anatomy? 
If you haven't at least evaluated the two products below, the answer may be no.

You need to know about the CDS-2150 & GDM-3250 because they use innovation to eliminate troubleshooting nightmares.

Almost any OEM knows that:

(1) CAN bus requires high quality wiring in order to operate correctly

(2) CAN bus  is highly-sensitive to improper wiring.

In fact, the majority of CAN bus communication problems occur due to poor wiring, incorrect termination, or the use of multiple frequencies on the same bus.

With that said, the right CAN bus tools are worth their weight in gold.

Enter the CDS-2150 and GDM-3250 wireless CAN Bridges.

The CDS-2150 single-band bridge was developed for construction vehicles, industrial business machines, and the automotive industry, specifically to improve the efficiency of onsite work. The innovative bridge reduces the risk of unnecessary and complicated wiring while transferring data to the cloud, a PC, or a tablet in real-time. Users can also access data remotely to monitor and configure vehicle operations, improving onsite work productivity and maintenance while decreasing the liability and time lost through troubleshooting.


The GDM-3250 dual-band bridge takes the CAN technology one step further, offering premium video monitoring through its 4-in-1 camera multi-view.  The trigger feature allows users to start to record video before and after an event occurs. Unlike alternative options currently on the market, the bridge can capture video and data without stopping any moving machines. This capability offers a very unique and valuable benefit to users: the ability to provide analysis without compromising on-field efficiency or performance.



Additionally, both bridges are environmentally resistant and can withstand extreme temperature changes. Each offers internal storage for data redundancy and recovery to reduce risk in the event of lost connectivity. Get more product details here.

Do you have questions about CDS-2150 or GDM-3250? Reach out and let us help.