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Live Webinar: The Latest in Wi-Fi for NXP i.MX RT-Based IoT Applications

On December 11 at 11am EST, Silex is hosting a live Webinar to discuss new Wi-Fi options for the NXP i.MX RT crossover processor, decision criteria for selecting the right solution based on your application needs, and the latest updates in Wi-Fi impacting IoT developers.

As the need for smarter and more ‘aware’ edge computing grows and becomes critical to the development of the IoT, edge devices are expected to provide the highest compute performance together with reliable security and assured privacy at the lowest cost possible. NXP’s latest i.MX cross-over processors solve this challenge by removing the performance and functionality limitations of traditional MCUs, enabling edge nodes to take on a much bigger role in a wide range of applications.

With this greater functionality comes a need for a wide range of Wi-Fi options to develop right-sized IoT applications. During this Webinar, Silex will discuss some important developments in Wi-Fi for IoT developers, including:

What’s New in Wi-Fi: We’ll weigh in on some of the latest innovations in Wi-Fi, including the Wi-Fi Alliance naming convention, Wi-Fi alliance technologies from AC to AD, and what the next iteration of Wi-Fi Protected Access, WPA3, means for IoT developers.

Wi-Fi Options for i.MX RT: The ideal connectivity solution can depend on your host interface preference or specific application requirements. We’ll cover two Silex Wi-Fi options for i.MX RT crossover processors and walk through five steps to get up and running quickly.

Decision Criteria for Connectivity: We’ll look at some real-world use cases to outline key considerations for selecting the right Wi-Fi solution, including power consumption, throughput, ease of integration, and other features and capabilities.

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