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Silex Technology Announces New Wi-Fi HaLow™ Products to Extend Wi-Fi Communication Range the Farthest

Silex's highest transmission power for Wi-Fi HaLow keeps Wi-Fi devices connected over 10x the distance of the typical Wi-Fi range.


SANTA ANA, Calif., June 4 , 2024 -- Silex Technology America, Inc., a global leader in providing reliable wireless networking solutions, has announced the high-performance Wi-Fi HaLow™ products, AP-150AH and EX-150AH. These products extend Wi-Fi device communication range over 1km in distance, which is 10x further than typical Wi-Fi distances, and achieve the longest Wi-Fi HaLow communication range available on the market today. The AP-150AH-US and EX-150AH-US uniquely feature the highest transmission power for Wi-Fi HaLow communication and reduce the need for Wi-Fi repeaters and relays to make the long-range Wi-Fi communication.



Features and Benefits of AP-150AH-US

  • The longest-range Wi-Fi HaLow local area network creation enabled by the highest transmission power Wi-Fi HaLow module, SX-SDMAH
  • High data throughput Wi-Fi HaLow access point to support maximum of 32.5Mbps bit rate
  • Interoperability with other Wi-Fi HaLow devices


Features and Benefits of EX-150AH-US

  • Extended communication range for Wi-Fi devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, through Wi-Fi HaLow network
  • Long-range communication for video, images, and audio data over license-free radio frequency
  • Interoperability with other Wi-Fi HaLow access point
  • Easy and more affordable installation to extend Wi-Fi device communication range by paring with the AP-150AH-US


Use Cases

It is expected to be used across a wide array of fields, including factories, logistics and warehouses, construction, and medical facilities.

  • Wi-Fi camera installation where Wi-Fi or Ethernet network cannot be placed
  • Real-time measurement data transfer from Wi-Fi equipment used for land/site survey over long distances
  • Real-time data transfer from Wi-Fi equipped telemetry devices over long distances
  • Real-time data transfer from tablet or mobile devices during the facility maintenance/inspection
  • Wi-Fi equipment installation where Wi-Fi coverage is poor
  • Tentative LAN installation where LTE/5G and Wi-Fi are not available

Learn more

More information about both products is available on our website ( AP-150AH-US and EX-150AH-US.


The AP-150AH-US and EX-150AH-US will be available on July 15, 2024. Contact for more details.