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Silex Technology Announces Intelligent, Low Cost, Enterprise Security Wi-Fi Module

Ultra-Low Power Module SX-59HLS Unveiled for Painless Design 

(Santa Ana, CA) September 17, 2019 - Silex Technology, Inc. has announced that the company will release another module in its line of Intelligent Wi-Fi Modules, through the release of the SX-59HLS. Silex’s line of Intelligent Wi-Fi Modules offers a “plug-and-play” design experience eliminating the need for complex driver development - reducing cost, and time to market.

VP of Sales and Marketing Zac Freeman said "Silex intelligent modules speed time to market and offload the ongoing effort required to maintain a secure and regulatory compliant Wi-Fi solution. The SX-59HLS revolutionized the architecture of our intelligent modules by leveraging the onboard processing power of Qualcomm’s IoT radios. The SX-59HLS brings Enterprise-Grade connectivity to medical and industrial devices with simplicity and low power at a price point not previously possible."

Silex offers the ultra-low-power SX-59HLS module to several markets at affordable price points – making enterprise security available to all industries.

In response to the increasingly serious cybersecurity threats associated with the medical, logistic, industrial and security devices used in enterprise environments, Silex is shifting its focus to provide tools that offer high data reliability in offices, hospitals, and factories. Unlike conventional IoT Wi-Fi modules, the SX-59HLS offers more advanced wireless security in one compact, easy-to-integrate, and low-cost intelligent module.

The SX-59HLS module is built with the Qualcomm’s IoT technology and supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n in a compact form factor with low power consumption, onboard or external antenna support and regulatory precertification. The module is one of the first high-quality, low-power solutions aimed at providing enterprise security to all design engineers, regardless of their industry.

The innovative module has an MCU and on-chip memory and can offload wireless LAN drivers, enterprise security supplicants, and TCP/IP communication processing, reducing development complexity and costs. The module simultaneously realizes secure wireless LAN while reducing power consumption. More product information can be found at The product can also be purchased via Mouser Electronics, Arrow, and Future Electronics.

Silex will continue to offer its industry-leading custom design support alongside the SX-59HLS to deliver a completely connected, painless design experience. Silex Technology is a certified Qualcomm Atheros Authorized Design Center (ADC), providing wireless technology implementation support for various popular Qualcomm Atheros Wi-Fi chipsets.


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