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On-Demand Webinar: Wi-Fi HaLow Evolving the Future of Industrial IoT

802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow solutions are getting matured and expanding now. The Wi-Fi Alliance has launched the Wi-Fi HaLow™ certification program and several solutions have been already certified. While North America has been the center of the Wi-Fi HaLow solution enablement, sub-GHz spectrum regulations in other regions have been revised in a favor of 802.11ah requirements or are in a process of regulatory update. In this webinar, 802.11ah ecosystem players, Newracom, Silex, and Nexcomm get together to share their knowledge about the Wi-Fi HaLow and experience of the product enablement and outcome.


If you are new to 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow, our past webinars will be useful resources for you to learn more about it prior to attending this webinar session.

How 802.11ah (Wi-Fi HaLow) is Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity

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If you want to learn more about this emerging technology, watch this on-demand webinar where we, along with representatives from Newracom, and Nexcomm Systems dive more into the details of Wi-Fi HaLow solution available today and how it is resolving the wireless connectivity challenges in the industrial IoT.

In this webinar, we will share: 

  • Knowledge about Wi-Fi Alliance certification program for Wi-Fi HaLow
  • Global radio spectrum availability for Wi-Fi Halow and its implication
  • Wi-Fi HaLow SoC capabilities
  • How to enable your Wi-Fi HaLow devices
  • How Wi-Fi HaLow addresses the industrial IoT challenges, and
  • Industrial IoT solutions enabled by Wi-Fi HaLow

If you are still wondering about 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow maturity, usability, availability, or global adoption, join us to learn more about its progress in the industry.

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