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Rising Market Confidence in Wi-Fi HaLow Technology with Largest Outside Investment in Recent Years Since its introduction in 2017, Wi-Fi HaLow, also known as 802.11ah, offers long-range, low-power wireless connectivity. Designed for a variety of app...Keep Reading
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Addressing 802.11ah's Capability for Indoor Applications Maintaining stable connectivity at long ranges in industrial and indoor environments has always been a challenge. The structure, make up, and floor pl...Keep Reading
Want to Enable USB as the Host Interface for our 802.11ah Kit? HaLow adds long-range, low-power connectivity, which is ideal in IoT environments, to the Wi-Fi portfolio. Sub-1 GHz operation and narrowband channels...Keep Reading
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On Demand Webinar: How 802.11ah (Wi-Fi HaLow) Tech is Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity Last month, Silex held a webinar with our partner Newracom to discuss the benefits of 802.11ah Wi-Fi Halow, and why we believe this LPWAN technology i...Keep Reading